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This week’s Supreme Court decision that redefines marriage has stirred up quite a response.  It ranges from outrage to sheer jubilation.  One thing is for sure, although the Court has ruled, the water is still murky and many are wondering how to respond.  Because I am a Christian and a pastor, my heart goes out to the many people who are still trying to wrap their heart around the implications of what is happening and how they should respond to a culture that is rapidly changing.


Here are 7 things I encourage you to do today:
1. Remember Who God Is
Nothing that happens within culture catches God off guard.  The God of the Bible is not wringing His hands in fear because of decisions made in the courtrooms of man.  God’s nature and character are unchanging – in every circumstance: God is great— so we do not have to be in control, God is glorious— so we do not have to fear others, God is good— so we do not have to look elsewhere and God is gracious— so we do not have to prove ourselves (credit: Tim Chester).

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We often come to God with high expectations, believing He has something to offer, that things will get better in our lives. While we want to see things happen in life, even as Christians we often don’t. The hard truth is that we don’t see more results from our relationship with God because we are not fully kingdom-minded. We struggle with issues like fear and doubt or battle addictive behaviors and relationship challenges.
We need to become Kingdom-minded persons, people of God’s Kingdom, where as His citizens we begin to look more like our King. The parable of the soils deals with four kinds of soil: good, rocky, thorny, and that of a path. Each represents four kinds of attitudes that people hold. All the “soils” can be found side by side, in one general location. The result of being in the Kingdom is fruitfulness, not just an average amount but an abundance; a reasonable crop produced 10-fold, but “crops” in the Kingdom bear 30, 60 or 100-fold. It is important to note that a tree or plant is not sustained by itself – apple trees don’t eat apples! The condition of the soil is vital for the growth of the tree.
When we say, “I didn’t get anything from that” when we hear the Word of God, we are talking more about the condition of our own soil than we are about the seed that was planted. God created us to be fruitful and it is encouraging to know that none of the environments is unchangeable. Turning, repenting, and doing even one thing different, can change our soil and enable us to bear fruit, 30, 60 or 100-fold.

I was honored to preach this weekend alongside my Bride! All I can say is that she crushed it! She spoke with confidence, passion, conviction and anointing. If you missed the message, make sure to listen to it this week. Living Water weekend messages.


This weekend I had the opportunity to share the stage with one of the most amazing women pastor/leaders I know – my wife. If you were not able to be there and you are married (or hope to be married) – please watch this! Fawn and I spoke about 3 of the greatest threats to marriage today: (I’ve included the homework assignments in case you missed them)

Power Struggles: KEYWORD “Partnership”

Ask your spouse:

  • “What do I do that blesses you?” &
  • “What could I do that would strengthen our partnership more?”
Money Mismanagement: KEYWORD “Communication”
  • Create a consistent place for you and your spouse to engage in meaningful conversation. (no TV in the background guys!)

Sexual Disappointment: KEYWORD “Intimacy”

Ask your spouse:

  • List the top 3 ways I make you feel intimately Connected…
Don’t underestimate the power of taking 1 step to make your marriage better! There is nothing more powerful then a marriage aligned with God’s design.  PLEASE: don’t give up and take 1 step today.  Fawn and I are praying for you.