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This week’s Supreme Court decision that redefines marriage has stirred up quite a response.  It ranges from outrage to sheer jubilation.  One thing is for sure, although the Court has ruled, the water is still murky and many are wondering how to respond.  Because I am a Christian and a pastor, my heart goes out to the many people who are still trying to wrap their heart around the implications of what is happening and how they should respond to a culture that is rapidly changing.


Here are 7 things I encourage you to do today:
1. Remember Who God Is
Nothing that happens within culture catches God off guard.  The God of the Bible is not wringing His hands in fear because of decisions made in the courtrooms of man.  God’s nature and character are unchanging – in every circumstance: God is great— so we do not have to be in control, God is glorious— so we do not have to fear others, God is good— so we do not have to look elsewhere and God is gracious— so we do not have to prove ourselves (credit: Tim Chester).

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