You Will Probably Make the Wrong Decision

Pastor Jon —  July 16, 2015 — Leave a comment

Each of us make numerous decisions every day.  No doubt, some decisions are more important than others.  Everyone will make the wrong decision at some point.  If you are like me, those wrong decisions motivate me the next time I have to make an important choice.  In the midst of a world that is rapidly changing, it is important to make sure you are standing on solid ground before you make your next important decision.  Here are some things I think you should keep in mind:


Remember… who God is.

ASK: What does the Bible and history tell me is true about the nature and character of God?

Reconsider… the root of your feelings.

ASK: What beliefs about God and about me are fueling these feelings?

Revisit… the last thing God spoke clearly.

ASK: When was the last time I felt confident that God spoke to me and affirmed His word?  What did He say?

Review… your overarching purpose.

ASK: What is the big picture of God’s plan for my life?

Receive… good council from trusted people.

ASK: Who are the wise voices I have asked to speak into my life?  Am I listening?

Respond… with faith, not fear.

ASK: Am I being motivated by faith in God’s word and Spirit, or fear?  Choose Faith!

Be encouraged, no one gets it “right” every time.  You can trust God will never waste an opportunity to shape you more and more into the likeness of Jesus.  The good news is even when we make the wrong decision, God is greater than our mis-steps and He will be glorified in the end.