God is Gracious

Jon Cobler —  December 24, 2014 — Leave a comment

Grace can be defined as unconditional acceptance granted to an undeserving person by an unobligated giver.

Tullian Tchividian | Surprised by Grace

we’re conditioned in our culture to prove ourselves in every sphere of society, but a real understanding God’s grace confounds that idea. The minute we think that God’s acceptance is conditional, that somehow we’re deserving, or that God is obligated, we’ve missed the revelation of God’s grace. He wants you to recapture it again today. God’s grace means that I am neither deserving (ouch!) nor disqualified (whew!) from receiving God’s favor and blessing.

The apostle Paul, in Ephesians chapter 2, says “it’s by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is a gift from God.” When the apostle Paul says we’ve been saved by grace through faith, the idea is if faith is what comes from our end, grace is what comes from God’s end. We have to come through grace by faith – those have to meet at some point. The idea that the Scripture should teach us here, is that God’s grace is overwhelming, so that even when our faith is only the size of a mustard seed, there’s still enough to make the connection between you and who God is.

If you’re ever tempted to think that you are disqualified because your faith is small, understand that it’s not just about you gaining more faith. It’s about you embracing and believing and trusting that God’s grace is so amazing and overwhelming that it can make up the difference for a mustard-seed sized faith. God’s grace is sufficient to make a connection between God’s kingdom and your life.

God is the loving Father who is extending grace to you today, so would you trust him? Grace is not earned.  It isn’t merited.  Because you misunderstood grace, maybe you’ve spent lots of time, years maybe, trying to prove yourself to be deserving of something in the future, when God’s been offering it to you all along. It’s not an elevated view of yourself, but an elevated view of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice, that will help you see God’s grace flowing freely in your life. Begin to believe that you are not second class, but you are a child of the King; that’s how the Father wants you to see yourself.

Jon Cobler