7 Days of Prayer and Fasting

Pastor Jon —  January 6, 2014 — Leave a comment

881px-Fasting_4-Fasting-a-glass-of-water-on-an-empty-plateFasting is a spiritual discipline that goes back thousands of years. Jesus fasted for 40 days before He was tempted by Satan and then began 3 years of powerful ministry that culminated in His death, burial, resurrection and ascension into heaven. Jesus expects that we will fast (Matthew 6:16) and those who do experience the richness that comes when we give something up to receive something better. This year I am inviting the Living Water family to join me in 7 Days of Prayer and Fasting to begin 2014.

Fasting is not just a physical discipline, more importantly it is a spiritual exercise. The story of Esau from Genesis 29 shows how he forfeited his birthright for a meal because he was hungry. The author of Hebrews warns against acting like Esau who was “unholy… who sold his birthright for a single meal. (Hebrews 12:16-17)” The lesson is that if our physical desires go unchecked, they will cause us to forfeit spiritual blessings.

Physics remind us that our trajectory will determine our destination. I believe that God wants to speak to you prophetically about His purpose and direction for you in 2014. Set the trajectory of your new year on Jesus so that you will find yourself in the middle of a promised future over the course of this year. This won’t happen by accident, now is the time to choose to make Jesus the center of the things that are important in your life.

At Living Water we will be fasting from Wednesday morning (January 8th) to Wednesday evening (January 15th). During those 7 days we will be praying for God to speak to us about specific issues and choosing to place Jesus at the center of everything in our lives. Here are some suggestions for this amazing time:

  1. In the days leading up to the beginning of the fast, begin to ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you about the specific areas you are going to pray about during the fast. Some suggestions might be; big decisions you have to make this year, financial priorities in 2014, your marriage or other significant relationships, cultivating a deeper walk with Jesus etc.
  2. Choose what you are going to fast. Fasting can consist of food or other things that we abstain from. The important thing to replace time in prayer, meditation, spiritual thought and conversation with whatever you are fasting from. There are some great resources online at www.livingwater.com/events/fasting.
  3. Pray for the rest of the church and leaders. One of the amazing benefits of fasting together is knowing that hundreds of other people from Living Water are joining together, praying for one another as we seek the Lord in 2014.

As we approach the culmination of a 5 year senior pastor transition at Living Water, it is no exaggeration to say that this is a monumental time in the life of your church. I hope that you sense the momentum that is building as we launch into this new season in the life of our church. I am confident that God has GOOD THINGS in store for you and me as we seek Him first. May God bless you as you choose to put Jesus in the center of every part of your life!